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Pet Loss of Another Kind

Losing a pet from age, disease, or even sudden injury is a painful experience, but losing a pet from theft is more than painful. There is uncertainty about the pet's Read More

Meaningful Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

Memorializing a deceased pet are an immeasurably valuable way to help as you journey through the grief of pet loss. Although there is no set path to take and everyone’s Read More

Pet Loss

Coping with Pet Loss  Having to put a pet to sleep is heartbreaking. The devastation of losing a beloved pet is coupled with the difficult decision to euthanize creating complex grief Read More

First Aid for Pet Loss-The Value of Pet Loss Support Groups

We are all searching for joy in our lives. That joy oftentimes comes from our relationships with other people, but increasingly more we are embracing our pets as a source Read More

5 Life Lessons From My Dying Pet

Pets are a source of our affection and entertainment; but on a more serious note how they unparalleled wisdom on how to live and how to die. I’d like to Read More

I Know Your Sorrow

It is said that “you’ll never know how someone feels until you walk in their shoes.” As a veterinarian performing in home pet euthanasia, I am oftentimes asked by my Read More

Saying good-bye from a pet's point of view

If your pet could talk you through those last few moments, what do think he or she would say? Having many pets over many years I can attest to this Read More

A walk through pet loss and recovery

Losing a dear pet is a journey through grief and healing. This blog is a comprehensive discussion through the process, to help you on your way from loss to recovery. Read More

Do Pets Grieve the Loss of Another Pet?

Pets do grieve when another pet in the household dies. Read More

Children and Pet Loss

How children handle the loss of a pet Read More

Anticipatory Grief. Grieving Before the Loss

Pet Loss. Grieving before the loss. How you can survive this time and heal. Read More

Viewing 1 - 11 out of 11 posts