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Pet memorial



Thank you Jasmine for the best 15 years of my life, my best friend forever. I can't thank you enough for all the love and kisses and fun you gave to me, you changed my life. I hope you come back to find me! My Little Princess Jasmine.

black labrador retriever

In loving memory of Otis

cat and dog

Ardie (crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021), and Blair (crossed in 2024), our beloved babies, brought immeasurable joy into our lives with every wag of our little man's tail, and every squeak and purr from our sweet girl's cozy spot. Both of them filled our home with warmth and laughter, and their absence leaves a deep, irreplaceable void. Even though they've crossed over the rainbow bridge, their memories are forever etched in our hearts. Rest peacefully, dear Ardie and Blair. You'll always be cherished and so deeply missed. Chris and I love you so much


We love you Misty the girl. You have given us many years of joy and happiness. We will miss you so much as you take your next step in our journey. We rescued you 14 years ago. We were so blessed to have you in our lives. You have brought us so much joy. I love you beautiful girl. You will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.

Tuxedo cat

Shecky was the bestest boy. We loved our shy but loving tuxedo kitty more than anything. He made us laugh often with his silly at the ready talkativeness. He was a constant companion when I got cervical cancer, laying on my tummy when I was bedridden, something he had never done before and never did after I was cured; my little furry heating pad. We miss him so much but know he’s no longer in discomfort. We are so thankful to Dr Watson for being so tender and helpful with his last moments with us. wait for us Shecky, we will see you again!

German Shepherd

Lulu was born as a volcano pup from the Big Island of Hawaii. She was a very special and intelligent girl. Her favorite thing to do was to give kisses and run laps around the house. Her infectious personality will be sorely missed. We love you Lulu! A hui hou kakou.

senior labrador retriever

Emmett, you were more than a pet, you were family and your memory will forever remain with us.


Reddy was a member of our family for 17 cherished years. He was the sweetest dog and was adored by anyone who met him. We adopted Reddy from the Camarillo Animal Shelter when he was a year old and he had been absolutely spoiled by our family ever since. He was renamed Reddy because of his reddish-brown fur color, although he was hardly ever actually called Reddy as our family often referred to him by silly nicknames! Our baby loved to go for walks around the neighborhood or at the Oxnard Beach Park, though we suspect that he loved sniffing the bushes and the grass more than actually walking. Reddy loved snuggling up next to his parents and sister, and in his younger years would do anything for a good belly rub. Our family feels his absence every day and we miss having our little guy around to love on. We know how blessed we were to have him as part of our family, and we will never forget the love, comfort, and genuine happiness he gave us. Momma, Poppa, and Melissa miss and love you so much Reddy!


Our angel Scooby was such a perfect pup. We have so many photos with our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and everybody LOVED him. We miss him terribly. Thank you so much Dr. Watson for helping him take his next journey.

Chocolate point Siamese cat

Pepper, beloved member of our family (siamese chocolate point)

female rottweiler

In loving memory of our cherished companion, Wiskie. Wiskie was more than just a pet; she was a source of boundless love, kindness, and unwavering loyalty. Her gentle spirit touched the hearts of everyone she met. Wiskie's love was as vast as the ocean she adored. She thrived on car rides, especially when they led to the beach, her happy place. She found joy in the simple pleasures, like chasing after a ball, performing tricks with grace, and savoring her favorite treats. But what truly set Wiskie apart was her incredible ability to make everyone feel welcome. She wiggled her little tail with enthusiasm, a warm and genuine greeting for every new face she encountered. She never barked, choosing to spread happiness through her infectious, ever-present smile. Wiskie's love knew no bounds. She adored being a part of the pack, whether it was with Kevin, Matthew, Andre, David, or the children who she cherished. Her presence was a constant reminder of the beauty of unconditional love. Wiskie entered our lives as a playful puppy a decade ago, and from that moment on, she became an irreplaceable member of our family. Her memory will forever live on in our hearts as a symbol of love, joy, and the extraordinary bond between humans and their beloved pets. Wiskie, you were truly special, and your legacy of love will forever be etched in our souls.

Calico cat

Waffles was the absolute best soulmate of a cat. She was beautiful inside and out and my world will not be the same without her. I will miss you always my darling girl.

old chihuahua

Henry was a beloved member of our family for 13 years. Our handsome boy was an integral part of our home, an older brother to his sister Zelda and a faithful companion to our daughter and the whole family through the years. We will miss his spirit & energy but are comforted by knowing that his body is at rest and his soul can now run free.

Norwegian Forest cat

Benjamin- 7/3/2011-8/17/2023 Benjamin was the best, most squishy, cuddly, loving, and friendly Norwegian Forest Cat ever. We loved him with all our hearts.  He wasn't your typical cat as he was more like a dog; no attitude, loved everyone, wanted to go everywhere with you, wanting trick-or-treaters to pet him, okay with kids running and screaming around him, and always wanting to be in the middle of everything everyone was doing. He would run to the door to greet me when I came home and cuddle all the time. If you can have a best friend as a pet, he was mine. We will always cherish the wonderful love and years we had to be with him. He can never be replaced and will never be forgotten.


Run free Dusty, we will always love you.

black labrador retriever

Nellie… our faithful companion. Her eyes had a way of saying I see you unconditionally. She was simply the best.

Golden Retriever

Molly was the most loving dog. My husband rescued her and loved her so much. She will join him today.

black shepherd

Samson was loyal, protective fun loving dog. In his older years he became quiet, I think he meditated. He was a special friend.

white cockapoo

R.I.P. sweet Nuni. You were a very bright light in our lives for 13 years. Mommy, Daddy and your four legged siblings, Gunny, Bo and Louie all love you so very much and miss you terribly. Thank you for all the great memories you gave us and the unconditional love you showed us every day of you beautiful life.

American Bulldog

RIP Roscoe boy! You were the best protector and cuddle bug. Our time with you was way too short. We will forever miss you 💙


In loving memory of Bagger Vance


In loving memory of Sawyer

child and terrier dog

Rio was the sweetest dog, and everyone's best friend. He could make even the worst days better. We were blessed to experience his gentle spirit for 13 years. We will never not miss him.


Tedi Bear never knew she was an Akita. She was social and sweet and will be missed forever. 13 years was a good long life.

Boxer dog on the beach

Freeway enjoyed 14+ years living his best life and helping other rescue dogs by being a foster big brother. He had the most generous and kind soul and was part of a big loving family. He loved to travel and knew how to work a room. He loved his daily walks on the beach with new discoveries and familiar friends. When Freeway let us know it was his time, we reached out to Dr. Watson to help him transition. She came to our home and was so compassionate with us, with our other resident dog and with Freeway. His passing was peaceful, beautiful and full of love. Freeway had the best life and thanks to Dr. Watson he also had the best end of life. Run Free Freeway

Domestic Shorthair Cat

We dearly miss our cat, Nyx. She was loving, cuddly, and loved to stare out windows to watch the world go by. She never met a box she didn’t like— often making beds out of the smallest ones she could find, and laying in them until the corners split. Though she is gone, her presence is still felt in our home. She didn’t like going to the vet much, and made it known to vet staff; however we appreciate the professional and tender services of Dr. Watson so she could be put to rest comfortably in her home.

tuxedo cat

Bella (a Tuxedo) and Daisy (an orange tabby), sisters from the same litter, were born on May 5, 2005 and joined our family in August of 2005. They became such an integral part of our family and we loved them both dearly. We lost Daisy in March of 2020 just short of her 15th birthday. Bella became our constant companion, missing her sister. We lost Bella on January 20, 2023, a few moths short of her 18th birthday. Our home is so very empty without them, and we miss them both so very much. While we know they are together again, we wish they were still here with us. We cannot thank Dr. Watson enough for helping to make Bella’s final journey peaceful and for allowing us to be at home with her when she left us. In addition to the many photos of Daisy and Bella that we have to remember them both, we also greatly appreciate Bella’s paw print that Dr. Watson provided as an additional memento that we will always cherish.

Seal Point Siamese Cat

Dude gained his wings on 2/09/2023 at 2:23 pm after an amazing 17 years, out of those 17 he blessed me with almost 11 years of company. He loved to be anywhere and everywhere making sure he always knew what was going on around his house living up to the sassy Siamese rep but being the biggest lover boy anyone could ever hope for. He loved to go outside and roll around in the dirt and sunbathe and greet me once I came home. He also loved him some sweet treats and would go crazy for some strawberries & also tortilla chips were his weakness to get to any chance he got that he didn’t have to do his sitting and up trick to acquire them. You fought until the end and I wanted what was best for you. I'll cherish our last hours and the signs youve sent my way since. Forever in my heart you’ll be and until I see you again I'll have all the berries saved for you Dudey.

American Bull terrier

Kaige was my first dog, he was with me all throughout my 20’s. My best friend, my therapist, the only one I could count on to be there no matter what. I miss him every day and wish he could still be with us chasing his glow in the dark tennis balls. But thank you to Dr. Watson, she helped us say goodbye in the most peaceful way.

miniature pinscher

Thank you, Tini, for 17 years of your wonderful unconditional love, companionship, protection and unique personality. We will always have a place in our hearts for you, forever. are missed...


Alex came to live with us when his previous owner couldn't keep him. He was with our family for 14+ years. He loved the sunshine, salmon treats and chicken nuggets. He slept next to me for the past 10 years. We miss him terribly but we are happy knowing he is peaceful now.

pomeranian mix

Luca was very frightened when we first adopted him. But with lots of love and patience, as well as guidance from our other 3 dogs, he came out of his shell and became his true self: a sweet, loving, happy, playful boy. We were so heartbroken to lose him, but relieved he is free from pain now. Dr. Watson was amazing in so many ways to help us through this very difficult time. We can’t thank you enough, Dr. Watson.

Domestic shorthair cat <

Dr. Watson was so accommodating and caring with as we to had our final goodbyes with Slim. The service was what we needed as a family to be there together as Slim transitioned into his resting place. We are blessed Dr4pets gave Slim a beautiful and well deserved service. Until we meet again our furry friend.

Australian Shepherd

In loving memory of Kona

One-eyed dog

Poncey Boy played a critical role in our lives, especially as my husband was out of town during COVID. Ponce had his eye removed due to slow-growth brain cancer and an ACL repair during that time. Yet never cried, whimpered, or showed any pain throughout. Caring for him gave me a mission and comforting me in my loneliness gave him his. We took care of each other and what a joyful, little rascal he was. The best rescue pup EVER from Animal Rescue League of San Antonio, and a great bro to his sister Tess. Our loss is immeasurable yet couldn't be more grateful for Dr. Watson's compassion and service as we said goodbye.

Poodle Mix

We bid farewell to one of the most dear beings with whom we've ever had a relationship. For the last 15 years she's given me and our family the ultimate loyalty, dedication and pure, unconditional love. You can see the intelligence in her eyes. I've never had the honor of having a dog before Sadie. I always had cats growing up and I loved them fiercely too, but my relationship with Sadie has been next level. She has really set the bar so high. She's been our road trip partner and my exercise motivator. She would greet me with the same vigor and excitement from start to finish. Whether I was gone for 30 secs or 3 weeks, she was always so happy to see me. The last few years have been pretty f'd up in this world. The pandemic changed so many things for the worse globally. However, one positive take away for me is that I began working from home and that has allowed me the opportunity to spend nearly every day with Sadie since. We rescued her on Dec 15, 2007 when she was just 5 months old. I remember browsing the available dogs online and then walking through the facility looking at the various dogs in-person. Sadie became available the day we walked through so we hadn't seen her previously and she stuck her little paw through the gate and picked me. Shelly had her sights on another dog but I was convinced she was our dog. The day we signed the paperwork when they brought her into the office to meet us, she ran and jumped up on the table where we were sitting, slid right across and off the other side. Shelly looked at me like "what have you gotten me into?" I thought it was funny but Sadie definitely needed some work on how to behave. We did the work and she became a top notch dog. So smart and obedient. She learned tricks like shake, roll over, beg, turn around, speak, high five, high ten, and even dance on two legs. I could walk her off-leash, make her sit and stay, then walk probably close to 100 feet away and make her lay down. Her goal in life was to please us at any cost. She has done that beyond our wildest imagination. So now today we have to do what is right by her and let her go run at Rainbow Bridge where she can reunite with her best pals Kiki and Bailey. Our pets are some of the greatest teachers we're given. They teach love, compassion and patience, but most of all they are usually our first teachers on the most difficult lesson of grieving. While today is heartbreaking beyond imagination, I wouldn't trade the love and joy she's given us over the last 15 years for anything. I love you forever Sadie Mi Lady. I will never, ever forget you my precious girl. I hope you come and visit me in me dreams. I love you eternally.

Maine Coon

In loving memory of Remy

Yorkshire Terrier

Abby, we loved you so much and we miss you beyond words. We are so brokenhearted that you had to leave us. You brought us 16 years of joy, love and laughter. We know you are now in the arms of Jesus.

Dog Shepherd Mix

My dearest Sasha. You were the smartest most loving dog I’ve had. I will forever cherish the time we had together and will miss you eternally.

Cane Corso

Sasha was a pivotal part of our life. Over the years she has helped thousands of new rescue dogs learn to trust humans. She would make us laugh when no one else could. She would get us out of the house to enjoy life. She made every human she met smile. She was so expressive and was on the cusp of learning the English language (well… she sure was trying). Sasha would “talk” to us everyday. Especially around dinner time. She would banter back and forth and even argue. We are so grateful that she chose us to be her humans and that we had 10 years to love her.

Grey and white cat

I will Forever Miss My Beautiful Little Boy Loco. I know you are no longer suffering and playing in Heaven ❤️ 09/03/07- 10/17/22


My SweetFace boy, Frankie. He was loved by so many. Forever with me in my heart ♥️

australian shepherd

"THANK YOU Dr. Watson for your gentle and soft touch with Jackson. NO words can give Jackson justice to his life, energy, kisses and compassion you would feel from his heart. We only found out he had a large heart later in his life, he would come to you with such loving wiggles & amazing soft fur. I'm hoping Jackson keeps in touch with all of our hearts forever...I know he will in my heart. Love to you my baby Jackson."

French Poodle

In loving memory of Spanky

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Marcus was a wonderful companion for the past 10 years, constantly demanding walks, space on the couch and, mostly, snacks. Thousands of squirrels and rabbits were chased, none were caught. 🤣 Most importantly, everyone that knew him, loved him. He brought immense joy to our lives and we miss him deeply. Rest in peace sweet boy, we will never forget you.


Our best boy Maverick came to us 3 years ago as a rescue. He never lived in a house and didn’t understand why he had to sleep inside but adapted quickly. After a few months all he wanted was to be loved by his family and every stranger that he met. He was with us a short time but made a huge impact on all of us. Run free Maverick until we meet again.

Tortoise shell cat

Our sweet cat Maggie gave us a wonderful 15 years of love and companionship. From the day my Dad and I picked her out, she was sassy and sweet. She loved to supervise my Mom during her morning work outs. Her favorite way to travel the house was perched on my brother's lap as he wheeled around the first floor. She would always sit with my Dad when he read the paper, batting it away when he folded it too loudly. She was my best friend - she came with me to college and grad school. She was by my side through some of my best and worst days. I'm so lucky she loved me as much as I loved her. I miss you so much, Maggie and will see you again XOXO

Black Chihuahua with cataracts

A Poem for my Beloved Roxy Princess Nite You ruled the roost, called the shots, and walked me every day. You were bigger than life, outlived 3 other dogs, and stayed close as my life went by the way. You are my Ride or Die, my Mon Tresor, my Little Boo, what more can I do or say? Now all I have is a little collar, footprints on my bed only a memory for the rest of my days. Don't go, but wait for me, so we can meet up, and be together again some glorious day.

Siberian Husky

Beautiful Luna— she is gone too soon. Only 6 1/2 but for life with me after I rescued her was heaven for her. Always happy— always wanting treats! She’s up there with Smokey, who I lost six months early earlier. RIP Luna🐾🐾💕


Emi, thank you for your incredible patience and loving kisses. Watching TV won't be the same without your cute ears in the way. We miss you and will love you and your sister Zoey forever.

West Highland White Terrier

Baxter 1/26/2008 - 8/15/2022 Monday Baxter gained his heavenly wings. He was the most precious sweet boy, full of love and kisses for all who met him. Diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Unfortunately the chemo and treatment didn’t stop the cancer, it was too much for his little body. Thank you Kay and Karen for entrusting us with him all those years ago. We are heartbroken 💔 Rest In Peace Baxter, you’re once again with Bailey. We will never forget you, love you forever until we see you again ❤️❤️❤️

black labrador

I know I am not the only one who feels as if they had the greatest dog in the world but I can't find any other words that will do her justice. Stella was such a HUGE part of our life. My three kids and I were made better because we were lucky enough to have adopted that sweet girl. Stella, thank you for making our lives better and for bringing us joy and happiness. Until we play again girl...Dad

Gray and white cat

Our beautiful Fuzznugget gave my husband and I, then also our 2 little children years of sweet friendship from the time she was a tiny kitten, and she remained very tolerant of our kids even while battling aggressive cancer in her twilight years. In the last moments that our 7-year-old son had with her, he thanked Fuzz for saving his life one time when he couldn’t breathe as a baby, and she woke me up in a panic, understanding that the he was helpless and needed me. What a selfless act of protection that was. Fuzz was the first thing that our son ever crawled toward and also our daughter’s first word (‘kitty’). She was clearly a beloved member of our family. She wanted to be outdoors for every sunrise and sunset, basking in the simple glory of nature. Every sunset I see from our backyard, I’ll be thinking of her and how she would’ve loved it. See you soon, Beautiful Friend. I’ll meet you in the dream time. You really were the best Fuzz there ever was.


Sweet Shadow was a shelter puppy that came home with me as a therapy dog and companion. He was always very attentive and concerned with everyone's happiness, making sure to check in on guests at parties like a good host and keep people company during movie nights. Shadow loved joining dance parties and going on adventures, but also knew when to put himself to bed. Life's never going to be the same without him, but I'm glad I got to make memories with him.


Naughty pug? No, Junior was quite the character though. We miss and love you Junie. Thanks for all the love you gave to us humans. Especially the babies ❤ Thank you Dr. Watson for being so compassionate during this difficult time. You are the Best!

miniature pinscher

Bruno, you have been so loyal to us and a great friend. You will never know how much you will be missed. We are very sorry you had to leave us so soon and I am sure we will see you at the rainbow bridge. Hoping your new journey is pleasant and enjoyable. Love you Dad & Mom-Love & Kisses

Blonde Chihuahua

Lily - 4/1/2013 to 7/5/2022. We adopted Lily in 2016 and she brought us such love and joy. She was ever so sweet and her lazy eye and her underbite were so endearing. All the years we loved Lily we battled with her allergies. And after 6 years, 3 Vets and almost a dozen different medications she still suffered, and in the end we took the suffering away and let her go with peace and love. We thank Dr. Watson for her compassion and patience as we let Lily's sweet spirit pass. Since she was the personification of sweetness she will always be remembered as "Sweet Lily"


Blue was such a good dog. We are heart broken and will truely miss him . Blue loved his walks and loved to eat. We are so grateful for Dr. Watson helping Blue crossover so peacefully . Rest In Peace Bo Bo.


Our beautiful boy Klaus brought such joy and happiness to my son Jordan and I. We miss him so very much rip my sweet boy

tabby cat

Tommy & Pepper In 2003 we visited the Agoura Pet Shelter looking for a new feline buddy. We discovered a small cat cuddled in a cat stand and when we started petting her she immediately “bellied” up emitting a tremendous double purr and we quickly fell in love with the little cat. I went up to the office advising that we had selected this cat and was told that attached to her is a brother that would be joining her in the adoption. Both were 2 years old at the time. Tommy “BIG KITTY” was 20 pounds and passed in 2015 and our little Pepper made it to 21 years and passed this year. Both AMAZING fur buddies and we were very lucky to have them in our lives.

wheaton terrier

I will always hold Dr Watson close in my heart for helping both Boomer and I come to grips with his end of life. He was my constant and loving companion for 8 yrs and we were bonded in the most eternal of ways. Dr Watson was gentle and understanding yet / she helped both my baby and I keep our dignity and peace. Forever grateful at such a sad and lonely moment when we had to say goodbye. Thanks Dr Watson, bless you forever💔

 blue Queensland healer

Bella our blue healer was such a great dog. She took great care of our whole family for many years. We will always remember and cherish her!

Black and white domestic shorthair cat

Tux came in my life 4/8/08. He was only 2 weeks old and had 4 other siblings. I bottle-fed all 5. I adopted 2 out and I kept the other 3. He is very special to me. Love you Tux XO

english bulldog

Lola was an amazing pet who lived a full life with her family who loved her very much. She played tackle in the snow in Nevada, attended football games in Florida and Georgia, chased cranes in open fields near Disney World, and ran off snakes and racoons to keep her boys safe on their five acres. She accompanied her master on many, many walks and was a joy to all who knew her. We love you and will miss you dearly, our Lola. Until we meet again...


Bluto had a heartbreaking puppyhood but for whatever reason he decided that he wanted to be the happiest dog despite that. He was hurt, lived in a bad shelter, but found temporary companionship with a farm...full of Chihuahuas! We met around the time he was a year and a half old and he was crazy, but it was my kind of crazy. For 16 years this guy managed to befriend anyone that crossed his path. He had a huge life with birthday parties, adventures, and even eventually made amends with our backyard squirrel (Really!) He made us all so much happier and we will continue to celebrate him until we meet again. And pup, if you can see this, hundreds of people were sad to see you go. They loved you very much, bud.

golden retriever mix

In loving memory of Carter


In memory of Gracie

German Shepherd

Miya was the sweetest, most gentle soul. Always there to be a comforting presence, giving extra kisses and patiently waiting around for some treats to be given. The 11 years she was with us will never feel like enough. She was so loved and is missed tremendously.

himalayan cat

Thank you so much Dr. Watson. We are at peace and thankful that he passed so peacefully.

west highland white terrier

In memory of Flash


Thank you so much Dr. Watson. We are at peace and thankful that he passed so peacefully.


My precious Buggy, I'll miss you forever, you were the absolute best kitty in the Land!!!! Thank you Dr. Watson for rubbing his lil ear as you were sending him to Rainbow bridge, i thought you were wonderful!


My beloved precious has been with us for 10 years. She was rambunctious and full of love, until it was time for to go. I could not have been more grateful for Dr. Watson helping her crossover rainbow bridge, in a calm and comforting way. I owe her my deepest gratitude to her in helping me go through the whole process.


On April 26, 2022 Brother crossed The Rainbow Bridge to be with all of our pets who passed before him. We've had many family pets who were loved dearly and lived long happy lives. Brother was 12 years old when his time came. As with all of our pets, his passing has left us devastated and broken hearted. As a retired Senior now, Brother was a big part of my daily living. He was my shadow! He followed me room to room in our home, enjoyed sitting in the warm sun while I read and he sunbathed. When he'd had enough he'd tap my foot to let me know it was time to go in. He always kept me on schedule when it came to meal time, let me know when my phone was ringing, and barked at the door when he needed to go out. Now I am left with total silence. I miss the sound of his little feet on the floor, seeing him sitting up while I prepared his meals, listening to his breathing next to me while he slept, and most of all his happy greeting when I came home from errands. I know that, in time, it will be these memories of my baby boy that will bring me out of this sad darkness. I'd like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Watson for her caring and patient bedside manner to us and Brother as she prepared him for his final journey. She allowed us the time we needed for that last hug, kiss, and goodbye. She made this final decision bearable and necessary to spare Brother anymore pain and discomfort. Thank you Dr. Watson for doing what you do. You are blessed with compassion, caring, and empathy for pets and their owners. I will surely share Brother's final day with friends and family so they will have the same experience we had with you when the time comes for their pet, they will know who to call. Rest in peace my precious treasure, Mom and the rest of the family will miss you dearly.

german shepherd

Baby was a great dog. He was loving and caring to all the people and animals around him. He is missed and we are happy he is not suffering and is in doggy heaven.


A memory of our sweet Misty: you came to us as a rescue the day of this this photo, but you saved us instead. You filled our home with joy, peace, and optimism. You will be forever missed. Rich, Lauren, Penny, and Carson


Hazel was a one of a kind dog, our hearts are broken but we are so blessed that God brought her into our lives. This is our road trip this last Winter 2021. She was granted access to the restaurant where she proceeded to enjoy some amazing ribs with the family. Hazel had touched so many hearts while she was here and will be remembered and cherished by the people that knew her. Love you Hazel missing you like crazy!


Sofi was an extraordinary dog. Everybody who came into contact with her fell in love. She had a constant smile on her face and a penchant for getting people to feed and pet her. Her charm and ability to make people smile will be remembered by all. We miss her deeply.

german shepherd

Cheyenne was a rescue dog. We rescued her eight years ago after my cancer treatments were completed. After the passing of my brother, we moved in with my dad. Daddy fell in love with Cheyenne. They were the best of friends. Daddy was Ill and Cheyenne stayed by his side. Daddy passed in February 2022. Cheyenne became ill with a heart problem. On April 27, 2022, we got in contact with Dr. Watson. I’ve never seen such a compassionate person. Dr. Watson walked us through each step. Dr. Watson, thank you for caring for our baby. May she be loving daddy again!

shih tzu

Lucy our little diamond, we love you! Thank you so much for giving us so many silly moments to keep in our hearts. We are at peace now that you are at peace with all the other diamonds in the sky. Thank you to Dr. Watson for handling our Lucy with such calmness and compassion.


❤️GOODBYE SWEET ALLIE❤️ We said goodbye to Allie today. She was rescued from the East Valley Shelter where she was brought in as a stray. She was aloof at first as if she never knew love but learned to trust and to seek more affection with us. She was 14 years old with inoperable oral cancer. Allie stayed at the ranch only five months but she thoroughly enjoyed that time being comfortable and loved. She liked to spend her time exploring the ranch with her house mates. Goodbye sweet Angel Allie. Thank you to Dr Watson for your gentle and peaceful energy to help Allie on her journey.


Benny was an amazing companion to other dogs, kids, family for 14 yrs. Dr. Watson was wonderful.

siberian husky

To my pretty girl. Goodbyes are never easy… I’m heartbroken. Knowing that you are finally at peace and that you will finally be reunited with your sister… Is the only thing putting me at ease. I’m going to miss you and your love for dumplings. I love you always, Nahla bear. ❤️

black and white cat

Here is Desi in the prime of his life, in front of one of his favorite windows. This is where he was released from sixteen months of illness. I could not have asked for a more peaceful ending for my little friend. Dr. Watson is the best!

orange tabby cat

Spunky was the bestest boy, from his walks to the mail box, to his demanding of late night snacks and scratches. While he was the toughest cat on the block, he was also the most affectionate little orange motorboat, with the sweetest little meow. He will be missed dearly and live on through his humans, bird brothers, and fellow felines.

orange tabby

Love you Bailee


My beautiful little Ivanna I had you for 17 years, you will always be with me, by my side and in my heart, until we’re together again ❤️


Our Miki had the heart of a lion and the wisdom of a sage. She lived her life with passion and had a gentle nature to other creatures. Although she lived the last two years of her life blind, she didn't let that prevent her from continuing to join us on hikes and even fetch. We'll be forever in debt to her for the countless ways she enriched our lives. We're extremely grateful to Dr. Watson for making her passing as graceful as her life.


I think I would never be ready to let go of my best friend Wilbur. But he was ready and Dr Watson helped us to give him a peaceful end to his suffering. He saw me through some of the hardest times in my life. We did everything together. I love you Wilbur and I always will. Words cannot describe what you meant to us. You gave our family the best 15 years. I am happy you are no longer suffering. Thank you Dr Watson for helping us through this most difficult decision.

maddie-carter After 2 years of destroying anything she could get her teeth into she turned out to be my loyal and loving partner for 16 years. I miss her loving gaze and kisses.


This is the original Highberg Pack. All three have been lovingly guided to the rainbow bridge by Dr. Watson. First Paige, the Macky, and on Feb 28,2022 our little Jat-Tsu, Winnie, joined them.