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First Aid for Pet Loss-The Value of Pet Loss Support Groups

We are all searching for joy in our lives. That joy oftentimes comes from our relationships with other people, but increasingly more we are embracing our pets as a source of unconditional, immutable friendship. Their antics and contagious happiness brighten our daily lives.For example, do you look forward to seeing the excitement on your pet's face when you come home from a long day's work? Are you entertained by the unbridled enthusiasm your dog displays when you pull out the leash for a walk or the ritualistic meowing and prancing your cat displays at feeding time? Welcome to the world of happy pet owners! 

But what happens when you lose your four legged best friend? That daily boost of joy may disappear. Is it easy to find others that can relate to your loss and help you through it? The answer is yes. Nationwide and locally new pet loss support groups are assembling. Most of these are lead by a licensed professional-an educator, psychologist or veterinarian. You can interact with regularly scheduled chat rooms online or attend local meetings. What can you expect from a support group? In each group you will be surrounded by a compassionate and understanding  pet lovers ready to listen and provide very helpful information to move you along in your healing journey. 

Here are some pet loss groups:

The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement

In Thousand Oaks California is at 80 E. Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. (805) 573-0233. Jannelle Guillot.

If you want to just express your grief you can join  the Pet Loss Support Community Group on FaceBook.

One parting thought. Your pet may be gone but the memories live on. Do you want to memorialize your pet or share photo of celebration of your wonderful life together?  We, at DR 4 PETS welcome submissions to our Pet Memorial and Celebration of Pet Life. You can submit a photo of your pet alone or interacting with you. Click on this link and let your pet join our family: