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  • "Dr Watson was at our place within hours of receiving our call. To be able to have our beloved Tango in his favorite sleeping place is SO MUCH better for our K9 family member. Dr Watson was calm, organized and knew just how to maintain peace during such a difficult time. Her caring hands touching Tango as he crossed the rainbow bridge was so helpful. THANK you Dr. Watson."

    Show More - Dawn Peck
  • "Dr Watson helped our baby go to doggie heaven and it was so peaceful. She truly is a saint and treated us all with such dignity. Being able to be in the comfort of our home was a blessing. Thank you Dr Watson, we are grateful."

    - A Williamson
  • "The process could not have gone better. My dog was so at peace in her final moments and I was so comfortable and happy knowing that. I would not do this any other way. Thank you Lorraine!"

    - Garrett Wickman
  • "As any pet owner knows, putting down a pet is a such a difficult task. They're members of the family. Dr. Watson came by the house to put down one of our beloved cats. She couldn't have been more compassionate, more respectful and more professional. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you."

    - Igor Kovalik
  • "Dr. Watson made these difficult moments so peaceful for our dear Titus and for each of us. Her calm and caring energy is hard to put into words. You could just feel the love. Losing our pets is hard enough I am so thankful to have Dr. Watson there to help us through it."

    - Melissa Cadby
  • "It was a huge relief to say goodbye to my adored Baxter at home. Like many dogs, he was afraid of clinics, and I know that he left the world without fear. I'm very grateful that Dr. Watson was able to provide this service. She was gentle with my sweet boy and showed that she cared deeply for his well-being."

    Show More - Ariana Rogers
  • "Our family appreciates Dr Watson's kindness and professionalism in guiding us through one of the most difficult moments. She was very responsive to all our questions. The full service of euthanasia and cremation made the process smooth. Highly recommend her!"

    - Lizeth Lopez
  • "Dr Watson was at our place within hours of receiving our call. To be able to have our beloved Tango in his favorite sleeping place is SO MUCH better for our K9 family member. Dr Watson was calm, organized and knew just how to maintain peace during such a difficult time. Her caring hands touching Tango as he crossed the rainbow bridge was so helpful. THANK you Dr. Watson."

    Show More - Dawn Peck
  • "Dr. Watson is amazing! She was very understanding when I called her, very upset, to schedule in-home euthanasia. She was super flexible and was able set up a same-day appointment for our senior dog. It was so nice to be able to put our dog to sleep at home instead of upsetting and stressing our dog out by putting her in the car and doing it in a clinical setting. She was fairly priced which took a great deal of stress off of us as well and we could focus on loving our dog in the peace of our ho

    Show More - Jennifer Glomboski
  • "Our family appreciates Dr Watson's kindness and professionalism in guiding us through one of the most difficult moments. She was very responsive to all our questions. The full service of euthanasia and cremation made the process smooth. Highly recommend her!"

    - Lizeth Lopez
  • "Thank u Dr Watson for the most peaceful, loving and caring way you took care of our girl Christina. It was the BEST CHOICE we've made was to have you come to our home. She was always terrified to go to the vet. It broke our hearts n we've still devastated but you helped in so many ways. Thank u again for making our girls passing a peaceful moment with her family by her side. You r the BEST!"

    Show More - Susan Fearon
  • "I am so very grateful that we found Dr. Watson to help our dog Bella make a peaceful and gentle exit from her ailing body. I was not hurried at all as I struggled to be sure that it was the right time. What a lovely, compassionate person to help us and our animals in our own homes. Thank you!"

    - Brenda Barnetson
  • "Thank you Dr. Watson, for your caring and respectful nature. Your expertise and gentleness with our Finn was so helpful at this difficult time. I appreciate your promptness with scheduling with us, as it was a difficult call to make in the first place. I will never ever go to a vets office for this needed service. My boy Finn was comfortable and happy till the last moments of his life, on his own bed, in our arms, hearing only us talking to him. Your patience in allowing us our time to hug, wee

    Show More - Belinda
  • "On the morning when my sweet Zeke's body was done, unfortunately no one else in my area would come to the house to do in home euthanasia. Although we were slightly outside the area Dr. Watson usually serves, when I spoke to her on the phone, she could hear how upset I was and she agreed to come that day. Her compassion for both me and my pet stood out on that very emotional day. My Zeke loved to lay in the cool grass under the shade of a tree in our yard and that is where he got to draw his las

    Show More - Jane Nicolais
  • "We are so grateful to Dr. Watson and her caring compassion. She helped made the experience of letting our angel get his wings a very loving one. She was so gentle with our boy. I highly recommend Dr. Watson."

    - Rose
  • "Dr. Watson was wonderful. Letting go of Ollie, my 15 year old pug, was very difficult. Her system of in home euthanasia is the only way to go. He was at peace in his own home. I think he knew what was coming and he was very tranquil. I am truly glad that I found this vet."

    - Dan Nathan
  • "Dr. Watson was compasionate and understanding. I was so glad to have her come to our home when it was time for my Lacie to leave us. This is the way for our beloved pets. Thanks you!"

    - Dodi Steiniger
  • "I am so grateful for Dr. Watson. She came to my home when it was time to say goodbye to my beloved 18 year-old cat. Her calm, caring presence made an incredibly difficult and emotional time easier to bear. Having her come to my home meant my cat was able to stay where she felt safe, making it less stressful on both us of. Dr. Watson truly cares for pets and their people; I highly recommend her."

    Show More - Liana Beauregard
  • "Doctor Watson was wonderful. Ollie who was a 14 year old kitty developed an aggressive form of cancer and was failing quickly. Dr. Watson came to the house and made EVERYONE feel at ease about the transition process. Thank you Doc! I highly recommend her if you need to help your pet transition."

    - Keith Fiala
  • "Dr. Watson was professional and kind. I am so grateful she could come the same day that we called so that our Quincy dog could be surrounded by us in her final moments. Dr. Watson helped me come to peace with the decision, as hard as it was."

    - Amber Taylor and Tiffany Jones
  • "When it came time to do the hardest thing a pet parent has to do, I reached out to Dr. Watson and I’m so grateful I did. Dr. Watson was extremely kind and compassionate which is exactly what I needed (and everyone needs) when this difficult time comes. She truly cares and understands the heartbreak you’re experiencing and it shows in how she is with you and your beloved pet. It was her genuine compassion that helped me get through. She took her time and more importantly gave me all the time

    Show More - Elizabeth Taylor
  • "I am very grateful for Dr Lorraine Watson. She is gentle, and kind. My sweet Alex had no stress and was able to enjoy her last moments in her favorite spot in the backyard. Dr Watson came highly recommended by VCES and I fully understand why. If I had known more earlier I may have engaged her to assist us with end of life care and comfort."

    Show More - Tania Kelley
  • "My wife and I took our last dog to the vet to have her euthanized and while they were compassionate having Dr. Watson come to our home to help our Golden Retriever Harriet on to wherever good dogs go was a loving experience and I highly recommend her when your pets' times come due."

    - Bryan Howland
  • "Dr. Watson was wonderful and was able to help my 18 year old feral cat on short notice when her health declined suddenly. I am so grateful that she was able to spare Cassandra further discomfort and make it possible for her to stay at home."

    - Elizabeth Johnson
  • "After an extremely emotional, gut wrenching, decision, my vet recommended Dr. Watson for in-home pet euthanasia. Dr. Watson was able to make sure our beloved baby of 13 years, Millie, did not suffer. Knowing that Millie (our Old English Sheepdog) passed without any pain in the comfort of her home made a heartbreaking decision, less painful. Dr. Watson kindly shared her compassion, gentleness, and understanding. I highly recommend Dr. Watson for in-home pet euthanasia. Her gentle spirit was a gi

    Show More - Kim Bennett
  • "Dr. Watson was a true blessing to find. Our dog got sick suddenly and Dr. Watson was able to make her final moments so peaceful for her. Miley was treated with such dignity and respect, Dr. Watson knew that Miley was a member of our family and was treated as such. I wish everyone knew about this service."

    Show More - Cathy P.
  • "Dr. Watson is a consummate professional who treated us and our pet with the dignity and care the process deserved. During a tough time like euthanizing one's pet, it is good to have someone like Dr. Watson there by your side."

    - Robert Zakari
  • "Dr. Watson was so amazing, after calling a handful of vets I called Dr.Watson on a Thursday evening and she was able to come Friday! she also made it very peaceful for us and our dog Sophie, she explained exactly what she was going to be doing and offered us a paw imprint. She was so kind, gentle and compassionate, exactly what all of us needed at this difficult time. I would highly recommend her. It is so much more comfortable for the pet than taking them to the vet. Thank you so much Dr. Wats

    Show More - Raenna Oliveras
  • "Dr Watson was so caring and kind when I had to put my sweet Benny to sleep. I was so grateful not to have to stress his system any further by having to put him in a carrier and take him to the vet in his last hours on this earth. Bless you Dr Watson. More people should take advantage of this home service."

    Show More - Margaret Corridori
  • "Dr. Watson did such a wonderful job with helping us in saying goodbye to our beloved Tully. She truly cares about her profession and the families that she is helping. It was so nice to have Tully at home surrounded by everyone and everything that he loved before passing. We were surprised with the beautiful clay paw print gift that she did for us--it was really special. I hope more people do this for their pets in their final moments. We can't thank you enough Dr. Watson."

    Show More - Dustin Tackett
  • "My husband and I were so upset when our little Annie was dying, she was a mini doxie and such a sweet girl. She never wanted to leave our house even with us, she would just shake, so the thought of her last moments in a vets office was unbearable, so to our great delight we were given Dr. Watson’s number, she could hear my broken heart and came that same day, my Annie went to sleep on my lap in her favorite chair that we sat in every night. Dr. Watson is such a compassionate person she helped

    Show More - Christine Robertson
  • "Thank you Dr. Watson for making a difficult situation easier. Being able to have Murphy at home and petting him as he passed was very comforting. I will cherish his paw print you made for us. If your looking for a caring, kind and compassionate vet Dr. Watson is the one."

    - Lynda Freeman
  • "Dr Watson is a rare person. She is patient, caring and professional. It takes a strong and kind person to provide this type of service. If you, your family and or your friends find that Euthanasia for your pet/companion is needed, please consider it to happen at your home. Tinker was my 16 year old pet/companion, quite a character of a cat that began to decline rapidly and my vet could do nothing for her. It was a hard decision to make but out of respect for Tinker's dignity, I chose to have he

    Show More - Darren Vadnais
  • "We are so very grateful to Dr Watson, for coming to our home and easing some of the heartache we had over saying good-bye to our sweet dog Sophie. Sophie was almost 15 and had been steadily declining for weeks. Dr Watson was compassionate, gentle and so professional. Thank you, Dr Watson - you are an angel!"

    Show More - Laurie and Bob K.
  • "Dr Watson is wonderful and caring professional. She lead and guided us through a very difficult moment as the time came to set our dog Pepper free from the pain he was suffering. At the same time she was very reassuring and sensitive to the emotions at hand. I can’t thank her enough for the service she provided at a very difficult time."

    Show More - Andrew Wallop
  • "We have used Dr. Watson's services and have the highest respect for the procedure that she performs. Sending our Angel off was a respectful, calm, and painless as could be. We really appreciate Dr. Watson's efforts."

    - William and Lu Huntington
  • "What a wonderful way to treat your best friend when they are not well. Going to the Vet would always upset our dogs. Thank you Dr Watson."

    - Scott Reed
  • "'m so grateful for Dr. Watson. My baby, Lady, loved everyone and everyone loved her, but due to a few incidents over her 15.5 years of life, she became terrified of going into the Vet's office. I wanted nothing more than to allow her to leave this earth peacefully, stress free, and unafraid. That's exactly what Dr. Watson gave us. She was also to come on relatively short notice, which comforted me to know that my girl wasn't experiencing prolonged discomfort. I would recommend Dr. Watson for an

    Show More - Erin H.
  • "When the time comes to put down a pet, you begin to question everything. I had been referred to Dr. Watson and after going online and watching her video, I knew that she was the one for our 15 year old Lab-Retriever Sam. Her demeanor, her calmness and how she talks you through the whole process helped us to get through it too. I can't even imagine the stress it would have been for Sam to have been transported in the car when he could no longer sit due to his bad hips, the stress of going to the

    Show More - Lynn Murray
  • "Our 17-year-old guy, Tommy, developed a condition that immediately took away his ability to use his hind legs. After consultations with the Vet and based on his prognosis, pain level, age, and quality of life, we made the difficult decision to help Tommy pass over the Rainbow Bridge. The Vet referred us to Dr. Watson. We are so pleased for that referral. Dr. Watson was magnificent and a blessing. Compassionate, caring, and professional, Dr. Watson allowed Tommy to move on in the comfort of my l

    Show More - Bob Murawski
  • "What an amazing blessing to have Dr. Watson help me and Tristan say goodbye to one another while I held Tristan in my lap. There is no better way to say goodbye when a beloved pet is ready to go. Thank you Dr. Watson for the service and grace you provided to us."

    - Melissa Mabry
  • "The decision to say goodbye to our beloved dog Marley of almost 13 yrs. was heart wrenching. We knew that bringing him to the veterinarians office would of been traumatizing for him. He had high anxiety and at the end was unable to walk or even get up. Fortunately, Dr. Watson was recommended to us. Our family is so appreciative for the professional yet graceful and delicate service Dr. Watson provided to us and our Marley. A peaceful dignified ending to his beautiful life in our home this past

    Show More - Rachell Danko
  • "I have used Dr Watson’s services twice and have been so thankful for her care as I’ve said goodbye to first Madison, and just recently Lily. She is attentive and gentle, without being intrusive, something I really appreciate. Having Dr Watson come to my home made an incredibly sad situation a little easier to bear. I highly recommend her."

    Show More - Donna Schleifer
  • "We are very grateful to have our last moments with our beloved family dog of 14 years in our home. It meant so much to us to be together, have him free of fear, in a place he loved and with our other dog and young daughter present. Dr. Watson was so mindful and held that space for us beautifully. I highly recommend giving your pet and your family these last precious moments in your home."

    Show More - Jenifer Schwartentruber
  • "Thank you, Dr. Watson, for allowing us to give T-Bone the peaceful, dignified ending that his long, rich life so deserved. We are grateful to you for your patience, sensitivity and understanding."

    - Kathy Clark
  • "Dr. Watson's service made it much easier for us in our difficult time. She is quiet and calm. She is compassionate and understanding. She does everything so you can concentrate on those final moments. She made a nice paw print before she left. She offers nice mementos. She handles the aftercare. I can't imagine a better way of dealing with a pet's end of life care."

    Show More - Dave Jeffreys
  • "We are so grateful to Dr. Watson for her services, it was comforting to know we would not have to subject our beloved Moe to a scary and confusing veterinary office visit in order for him to cross the rainbow bridge. Instead, we were able to love him in his place of comfort until the very end. I can't tell you how much we appreciate her compassion during such a difficult time for our family."

    Show More - Sarah Roth
  • "Dr Watson helped my dearest boy Mousse to go to doggie heaven 8 yrs ago. Now my little lady Cassie had also deteriorated due to her old age and I had to again make the decision to let her go home to the place without pain. I didn’t hesitate to call Dr Watson again since she was so wonderful last time. It went very peacefully and Cassie got to cross without any fear, in her home, on her own bed and her head in my lap. Dr Watson even made me a paw print right there and shaved a little piece of

    Show More - Maria D.
  • "I would like to thank Dr Watson for her calm, professional nature. I didn't know what to expect as I had never used an in-home service, but I am a million percent grateful that they exist and that Dr Watson was able to be the one to do it. ... I couldn't have asked for anything better to send him off to his next adventure."

    Show More - Jet Kauffman
  • "Putting a pet to sleep is never easy, but Dr. Lorraine Watson listened to our story, and helped guide us to make the right decision. Our Weim Seri was home, on her own bed, with her own family. We got to say our goodbyes and hold her as she first went into a twighlight state, then passed peacefully. I cannot recommend highly enough Dr. Watson or the process she employs."

    Show More - Gavin Gervis
  • "Dr. Watson, is kind, compassionate and caring. She is a blessing during such a difficult time. She explained everything to us and made the procedure completely painless and as pleasant as possible during these difficult circumstances. It was wonderful that my beautiful dog could stay at home, anxiety free, surrounded by her family at her final moment on earth. Thank you, Dr. Watson."

    Show More - Robyn Cottier
  • "Dr Watson was very kind. She is very gentle and comforting in an extremely tough time. I couldn’t imagine bringing our senior dog to the vet for this. He was laying in his bed with 0 stress and his family around him. For the worst thing you have to do as a pet owner this is the best way to do it."

    - Nick Wilkowske
  • "Sad day in our home. Our 15 year old Maltese lost his battle with heart issues and failed rapidly, refusing food and water, just sleeping and quietly fading away. Dr Watson helped him move on, with the family holding him. She was kind and understanding, and we are so thankful for her."

    - Terry Schauer
  • "I am so grateful to Dr. Watson for helping me through what was one of the hardest decisions of my life. Old age and ill health had got the better of my darling kitty, Zoey and the kindest thing was to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge peacefully. Dr. Watson was kind, compassionate and calm and explained everything in such a way as to put my mind at ease. Thank you Dr. Watson!"

    Show More - Maureen Sowell
  • "Dr Watson made one of the most difficult evenings in my life peaceful and comfortable She is amazing... Thank you."

    - Kathy Greco
  • "To be present at the bedside of a loved one when they pass away is such a blessing. Dr. Watson gave us this gift when we had to say goodbye to our wonderful 14 year old companion, Bro. He was so much more than a dog; he was a much loved member of our family. Dr. Watson's gentle compassion and care helped us make Bro's last moments as comfortable and loving as they could be. We wouldn't have had it any other way."

    Show More - Teri Hulbert
  • "Dr Watson made a very trying experience as humane and caring as possible. Our beloved cat Duke was in a lot of pain and I knew it was time to let him go. He was able to go at home and in my loving arms. thank you again Dr. Watson."

    - Frank Redlich
  • "To everyone reading this, I am so sorry that you are dealing with such a sad time in your life but you need to know it is the only way to say goodbye to your furry family member. The hardest call I ever had to make, yet Dr. Watson’s comforting voice helped me get through the conversation. From the moment she arrived I felt calmness. She was gentle and compassionate while taking the time to explain everything. Her way of handling the whole situation was very caring and considerate. I can’t t

    Show More - Jayne B.
  • "There is nothing more devasting then losing a beloved member of your family and that is what our cat Angel was to my family. We will be eternally grateful for Dr. Lorraine Watson and her assistance in helping Angel to pass with peace and dignity in her own home. Her calm and compassionate manner helped my husband and I go through this very difficult time. “Thank you Dr. Watson for your kindness and empathy.” May God bless you."

    Show More - Dani and Sidney Niekerk
  • "We are so grateful to Dr. Watson for her calm, compassionate, professional help on a very emotional day. She was easy to reach and book a time with (same morning, in fact) and it could not have gone better, from our perspective. I can't imagine an easier and more peaceful way to help our beloved dog Lily to make her exit. Everything was handled with smoothness and ease and we were able to have enough time to say goodbye (about 10-15 minutes while the initial sedative took full effect), while st

    Show More - Erik Bork
  • "Max gave us nearly 16 1/2 years of love until his last day, following us from room to room. The last year was especially meaningful due to the care provided by Dr. Watson, who managed his arthritis pain for optimal quality of life. In-home care was such a blessing and allowed Max to receive care without causing him distress. Of course, it provided us people with much comfort as well. We miss him very much! "

    Show More - Robin Stuchinsky
  • "Dr. Watson is such a blessing! She helped me with my fur baby from the time I got him till he passed on. She is so caring and professional. I am so grateful for her service!"

    - Sunde T/San Fernando, CA.
  • "Dr. Watson is wonderful. She is very compassionate and the pets appreciate that. Love that she can come to your home, where the pet feels the most comfortable. Thanks Dr. Watson."

    - Veronica J.
  • "I’ve known Dr. Lorraine Watson for more than 30 years. She is compassionate and caring, the best veterinarian I’ve known. Her business is now in-home euthanasia. Unfortunately I had to use her service recently. Our experience could not have been better. She came to our home and helped our big boy graduate to the next level. We love Dr. Watson. I highly recommend her."

    Show More - Betsy B. / Camarillo, CA
  • "We are so grateful to Dr. Watson. Our girl Katy unexpectedly became very ill on a weekend and Dr. Watson came to help us say goodbye. She was kind and caring and allowed us to have our time together till the very end. I have used another Dr. for this service once before but Dr. Watson was the best. Being in the home is so very important to a pet-it alleviates extra stress on your loved one😿."

    Show More - Robin Flowers and Lynn Crowell
  • "Dr. Watson came the same day we called to help us put our sweet boy, Sweeney, to rest. She was kind, professional and respected our wishes on how we wanted to let Sweeney stay in his own bed while the process of putting him to sleep took place. She allowed men to cuddle and talk to Sweeney and cry unabashedly through the whole process. I am grateful to her for her being here."

    Show More - Leslie Mattesich
  • "Gentle, sweet Dr. Watson. What a true blessing to have our "kids" pass without fear at home. You have made a huge difference in their lives and ours. Thank you forever!!!"

    - Charis and Rob
  • "Having my Simon put to rest at home was the best thing I could have done for the both of us. It was peaceful and calm. Thank you Dr. Watson."

    - Laurie Holeman
  • "Thank you Dr. Watson for making Freddies final moments pain free and with dignity. It was greatly appreciated. I hope anyone who has to part with a loved pet has a similar experience."

    - Patrick and Bonita Hart
  • "Thank you Dr Watson for helping to make Benny comfortable in his passing. You were kind and compassionate and that's so important. Bless you."

    - Margaret Corridori
  • "Thank you Dr. Watson for your kindness and gentleness when assisting us with Barcley's end of life moment. This was the first time we had in home care with this, and we are glad we did. It was stress free for Barcley, and much more meaningful for us. It allowed us to be with him in his home environment, and we were free to grieve in private. Thank you!"

    Show More - Cindy Pelter
  • "Dr. Watson helped my son and I say good-bye to our beloved dog Bijou just yesterday. Her calm presence put us, and Bijou, at ease. Being able to be with her in our home for her last moments was so comforting. The paw print Dr. Watson did for us will be cherished."

    - Jakob Shavinski
  • "Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our beloved family dog who has been our constant friend for 13 years. We called Dr.Watson, a referral from our veterinarian, to come to our home so we could spare Duke any trauma from spending his last moments afraid at the vets office. Duke drifted off to sleep in his favorite place at home while we stroked his head. Dr. Watson is professional and yet so loving and compassionate. Thank you Dr. Watson for coming to our home and providing such a peaceful goodby

    Show More - Rhonda Bierschenk
  • "Dr. Watson was very caring in helping us say good bye to our Ginger. Having everything done at our home was the best thing to do for her. Thank you Dr. Watson!"

    - Mark Lara
  • "In Lee Lee's final hour an angel knew how to escort her into Heaven with dignity and love. Dr. Watson was there within an hour and she allowed us to cuddle, talk and assure Lee Lee that she was safe with her loving family. Thank you, Dr. Watson, for your compassionate help in our time of need."

    - Mike and Marie Furney and Family
  • "We were so happy to give our 13 year old german shepard 'Coal' a peaceful transition at home! This would not have happened without the love, care and graceful attention Dr. Watson provided. She guided us lovingly thru the process, careful to the needs of Coal as well as our own emotions, explaining matters all along the way."

    Show More - Jeanne Urquiza
  • "When our 12 year old rottweiler took an extreme turn in health we felt helpless. We called Dr. Watson and she was able to get to our home within 3 hours. The time, compassion, understanding, she offered was incredible. Her calm caring demeanor was so important to our kids. Several years ago, we had to put down our German Shepard at the vet's office. It was excruciating. Having Dr. Watson come to our home, allow Buster to peacefully drift off to sleep, was the best possible solution to a

    Show More - Kim and Frank Spaeth, Thousand Oaks