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Why choose in home pet euthanasia by our mobile vet? To your precious furry friend there is no place like home. Pet loss is heartbreaking, and those last loving moments are worth treasuring.  Euthanasia in the privacy of home allows your dog or cat to spend their final moments in their comfort zone, surrounded by your loving reassurance.

At DR 4 PETS we know how much you love your pet and consider them part of the family. Unfortunately their lives are far too brief. The uncompromising ravages of age or disease  can severely impact your pet's quality of life. Many times veterinary care including palliative care will help; but there comes a time when even these measures are not sufficient. As a concerned pet owner this is the time you are faced with making that final decision. 

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For over 40 years pet parents in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, and the San Fernando Valley have trusted us with their pet's care. Click here to see all the locations we serve:
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Meet The Doctor

  • Dr. Lorraine Watson
    Dr. Lorraine Watson
    Owner of DR 4 PETS

    Dr. Watson has been servicing the cherished pets in Ventura County and San Fernando Valley since 1982. She has over forty years of veterinary experience; and since 1989 she has provided pet parents with compassionate in-home pet euthanasia and pet loss services.


Read What Our Clients Say

  • As any pet owner knows, putting down a pet is a such a difficult task. They're members of the family. Dr. Watson came by the house to put down one of our beloved cats. She couldn't have been more compassionate, more respectful and more professional. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you.

    - Igor Kovalik
  • The process could not have gone better. My dog was so at peace in her final moments and I was so comfortable and happy knowing that. I would not do this any other way. Thank you Lorraine!

    - Garrett Wickman
  • Dr Watson was at our place within hours of receiving our call. To be able to have our beloved Tango in his favorite sleeping place is SO MUCH better for our K9 family member. Dr Watson was calm, organized and knew just how to maintain peace during such a difficult time. Her caring hands touching Tango as he crossed the rainbow bridge was so helpful. THANK you Dr. Watson.

    - Dawn Peck
  • Dr Watson helped our baby go to doggie heaven and it was so peaceful. She truly is a saint and treated us all with such dignity. Being able to be in the comfort of our home was a blessing. Thank you Dr Watson, we are grateful.

    - A Williamson