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How to Help a Blind Pet

As pets age, their vision can start to be affected. Pet blindness can be a result of old age or certain health conditions. If your pet suffers from blindness, we can help at Dr 4 Pets, serving Thousand Oaks, Porter Ranch, Canoga Park, and the surrounding areas. Let’s look at a few helpful tips from our vet.

Create a Safe Environment

It is very important to create a safe environment. A safe environment will be free of obstacles or dangerous things that could harm your pet. It is also important that once you have established this safe environment, you do not move things around too much. This can be confusing for your blind pet.

Maintain Supervision

Most blind pets cannot be left alone without supervision. The exception may be that your pet could be left alone if it is securely kept in a pet crate. A pet crate is a perfectly safe and acceptable way for your pet to spend some time each day. The key to effective crating is balance. Your pet should not be kept in the crate too long, but allowing the pet to stay in the crate for a few hours is perfectly fine. Most pet owners find that if their pets are properly potty trained, they can stay in a crate for 2 to 6 hours at a time.

Increase Quality of Life

It is also important to take steps to increase or maintain your pet's quality of life. This means taking your pet on walks, giving them space to play, and even interacting with other people or pets.

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