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Common Diseases for Dogs

Many common diseases and conditions in dogs can be age specific. The good news is that most can be prevented or treated successfully, with help of a preventative veterinary care. Those conditions that are not curable early intervention can oftentimes greatly improve the pet’s quality of life. At Dr 4 Pets, the mobile veterinary service for Canoga Park, Thousand Oaks, CA, and Porter Ranch, CA we want pet parents to stay informed, because a knowledgeable pet owner makes for a healthy pet.

Diseases of Puppyhood

Puppies has immature immune systems. As a result, they are more susceptible to diseases. Some of these include intestinal parasites, infectious diseases such as parvo virus, distemper, respiratory infections, skin conditions such as mange, ringworm, fleas, ticks, ear mites, strangles. Pyoderma (bacterial skin infections). Starting a relationship with your veterinarian and instituting the proper vaccination protocol, routine checkups, fecal testing will get your dog off to a great start. Your vet can also advise you on the proper age-related nutrition and detect early warning signs of congenital problems specific to that breed or that size dog.

Other problems that may appear early or later in puppyhood are growth related orthopedic conditions some of which include early hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Like human toddlers, puppies are active and curious so they are at risk of injuring themselves or ingesting non-food items that can cause intestinal problems. Your vet and online resources can be an excellent source of environmental safety for everyday life and holiday hazards.

Diseases of Adult Dogs

The list of disease conditions grows as a dog ages. Chronic diseases begin to appear. Early detection through regular veterinary examination and lab testing is extremely important. Some conditions include diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney disease, urinary problems. Chronic bowel diseases.

Diseases common to any age

Ear infections, external parasites such as fleas and ticks, heartworm disease, trauma related problems, bacterial skin infections, infectious diseases transmitted from parasites or from dog to dog in close contact.

Diseases of senior dogs

Arthritis of the joints and the spine which creates chronic pain and affect the dog’s mobility, worsening of chronic disease conditions and weakening of the immune system, cancer, heart disease, senility, and dementia.

 It is advisable that a pet parent establish a relationship with a veterinarian or local veterinary hospital. I can not over emphasize the important of routine care and early detection of disease conditions. By taking this step our devoted canine companions can live a happy, healthy life.

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