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The effects on a child dealing with losing a pet

The Effects on a Child Dealing With Losing a Pet

Dr 4 Pets offers in-home pet euthanasia and hospice services in Thousand Oaks, Porter Ranch, and Canoga Park, CA. Dr. Lorraine Watson and her team of compassionate professionals have seen the devastation that the loss of a pet brings for their patients. We know that parents must also move through the grieving process while helping their children deal with the loss. If you or someone you love is in this situation or maybe soon, the following advice will help you grieve as a united family.

Let It Out 

Some children may shut off their emotions while others are quite talkative. You should make all caregivers aware of the situation while encouraging your child to speak freely. That includes teachers at school and after-school care centers. You never know when your child will ask a question or let out his or her emotions, and you don’t want the communication to be met with shock.

If your child isn’t talking about the experience, don’t assume that he or she isn’t affected. Your child may need more encouragement to discuss how he or she feels. You can do that by talking about your feelings in an age-appropriate, natural manner. Reading books about pet loss may help your child communicate more as well.

Answer Questions Directly 

Don’t try to hide the reality of a lost pet. Make sure that any younger children understand that they are not responsible for the loss. Children five years or older should understand that the loss is permanent. Phrasing it as going to heaven or living in another dimension can leave children with the expectation of the pet returning.

The experience of death may bring out a lot of questions and deep thinking. Some children may worry about their own death or that of their loved ones. Other children may want to know why it happened. Some are more accepting of new pets than others, so consider your child’s age and personality when making decisions moving forward.

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