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The Important Role Family Pets Play in Keeping People Sane During the COVID Lockdown

When COVID-19 hit the world early in 2020 it changed nearly everyone's life. At Dr 4 Pets, we understand that change is difficult for many in the best circumstances, and with no dependable timeline to when "normal" would once again be a reality, things can become a bit difficult. Many people were forced to think outside the box to keep their livelihoods, and many others found themselves stuck in their house to stay safe from the virus. This meant less time with extended family and friends, and a lot more problems caused by general loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

Pets Can Help

During this time, many have reached out for help, not only to professionals but also to their pets. For several reasons, pet adoption saw an uptick during the pandemic with many developing deep bonds with their cats and dogs. Having a pet provides many benefits during these uncertain times. Some of these benefits include:

  • Companionship: When many loved ones become inaccessible, having a pet at home can provide much-needed companionship.
  • Keeping a Routine: By getting a new pet, there is someone there who relies on you completely for their routine, exercise, and well-being. Pets do best when they get what they need from their humans and know what to expect. Working from home offers a unique opportunity to provide the training and care that a pet needs when it enters a new home.
  • Getting Exercise: Many people may feel self-conscious about going for walks alone in their neighborhood. Having a dog by their side can provide the needed support to overcome this feeling.
  • Physical and Mental Health: Many studies have shown that pets can help reduce blood pressure, stress levels, and even contribute to lower cholesterol levels. They can also help ward off depression and anxiety.

COVID and Pet Loss

While many have welcomed new pets into their home during this COVID lockdown, other pet parents are experiencing loss as their pets lose the battle with age and disease. For these pet owners challenges of public safety during the COVID lockdown complicate the anticipated grief associated with saying good-bye to their fur babies. Many veterinary hospitals are restricting access to pet owners. As a precaution to the veterinary hospital staff the pet is oftentimes taken into the hospital without their owners alongside them. Fortunately, there is a far less stressful alternative. In-home pet euthanasia allows everyone to be at home, in the safety and comfort of their home. When it is time to say goodbye to your beloved pets, it helps both the humans and their pets to stay together in a familiar environment if euthanasia is determined to be the best option. Having the service performed at home can help bring peace of mind and a sense of calmness to the experience.

Pet Euthanasia Service in Ventura County and San Fernando Valley

At Dr 4 Pets we provide compassionate in-home euthanasia services, even during the pandemic with proper COVID protocols to assure the safety of our veterinarian and your family. We serve the Ventura County and San Fernando Valley areas. We can help you weigh your options and decide if euthanasia is the correct decision to prevent pain and discomfort for your pet. Call us today at (805) 494-3339 for a phone consultation and schedule an appointment with our in-home veterinarian.